Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tips And Trick to make your Boss said , " You're Fired "..

Hate your boss so much?
He is so ugly and raggy?
He said you're Stupid and bla bla ...
oww man you don't have to hear that because we're genius,Alright?
You want to quit but you hate to make resignation letter?
Ooww.. I have a situations like that before..
Let me tell you my tips and trick to make your boss said, "you're fired"

1. When he want you to say Yes..you always answer No!!(always Contrary)
Haahaha (*laughs) I do it everyday in one week and then i'm fired,oh yes..
But it take time,it not an instant way..
(40% quarantee)

2. Doing "autism activity"
Here is the examples:
Pee in your room,turn on your speaker and play metal band music hardly,
Picking nose in front of your boss..
Hahaha(*laughs) something like that will make you fired..
(60% guarantee)

3. Open FaceBook,Blogger or Chat with your friends with YM during time work
Of course your boss will fired you,but maybe before that he will curse you
You don't Want to hear your Boss curse you when he angry right?

4. The Last Weapon in my Arsenal....
Said to your Boss F*ck you!!!
(100% guarantee)

Huffttt... this is for you who have a problem with your boss and hates him...
*note : make sure you have a new job before doing this....

Dasar Bos2 sialan...