Thursday, November 26, 2009

Journey to mount Gede

Mount Gede
You know, after doing my activity every day I need to refresh
So I choose to go to a place where I can find fresh air …
Where is it? When the world has contaminated of carbon I found one place where have a good air and good view too , It’s in mount Gede , One of the most beautiful mountain in the world.

I start to take a journey with my friends. We go to Cibodas first with a bus and then we’re steps up 4km to cibodas national park. We’re welcome by the fresh air.
After we register to the mountain rangers , we have a break before we start walking.

We’re walking about 8km and we arrive in the Kandang badak Camping Ground, the feet of the mountain. We Start to climbs to gede mountain after we have lunch.
We climbs about 3 hour,and we had a serious accidents when my friends is fall.
But with our solidarity and togetherness we’re arrive in top of the mount Gede after we heal our friend

Waw…..the panorama is very beautiful…

I’ll also post my photos in mount Gede after this.
So, If you Visit Indonesia don’t forget to go to mount gede in West java